Nurse on Guernsey: your ticket to island living

More sunshine, less tax, Britain’s cleanest beaches and best surf…

An island paradise, Guernsey is not short of would be inhabitants. Not just anyone can move to this beautiful island off the Normandy coast; due to its size residency is restricted. However, now the States of Guernsey are enticing Band 5 and 6 Nurses to take up new roles with extremely generous benefits.

Benefits so good they must be seen to be believed

  • Remuneration & bonus
    Generous Band 5 and Band 6 Salaries with an annual bonus of £1,100 rising to £3,000 after 3 years' service
  • Training
    Excellent training and mentorship opportunities up to Masters Level 
  • Low tax living
    Income tax at 20% flat rate (UK rates can reach 40%!) No car tax. No MOT. No Council Tax.
  • Relocation
    A full relocation package includes interview and relocation travel costs. Claim Rent Allowance or House Purchase Grant. Make a home with your partner or family in the island’s secure, thriving communities with a five year Certificate of Sponsorship licence.

To find out more or to apply, please follow the links to full job descriptions below.
*You must have your NMC Pin to apply for these roles*

Band 5: General Medicine Nurse
Band 5: General Surgical Nurse
Band 5: Emergency Nurse
Band 6: Emergency Nurse

Nursing with the States of Guernsey

The States of Guernsey spend more on health and social care than on any other area of government. The standard of services is exceptionally high and healthy living is valued- not surprising since Guernsey is one of the Top 10 Countries in the World for Life Expectancy!

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The Good Life

27 beaches, 28 miles of cliff path and a maximum road speed of 35 mph…Life on Guernsey is all about balance and enjoying the finer things. Stroll home at sunset, invest in some ‘hedge veg’ for dinner or pick up the speed kayaking, sailing, coasteering or surfing.

Everything- almost 100 restaurants, summer concerts, even the neighbouring islands of Sark and Alderney- are in easy reach. No long commutes, excellent schools, low crime rates: life is good on Guernsey. If you do have to leave, regular flights to London Gatwick take just 45 minutes.

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