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Why Work For Us?

​“Why just have a job when you can have an experience? Why settle for a career when there’s an exciting journey ahead?Bringing cutting edge, creative practices, our goal is to make a positive impact on everyone who works with us. We’re here to share world-class employee experiences – so every day we create, innovate and collaborate. And if it’s not fun, we’re not doing it right!”

Paula McDonnell,

Managing Director

What Makes Us A Tribe?

People and a Unique Human Experience

From the first time you walk through our doors or phone us, to the way each working day begins – you can feel our buzz. It’s a palpable energy and attitude that has created something special and which truly sets us apart from other recruitment companies. Why? Because we look after our own and live by real values. Because we make work a fun place to come to. And because each of us is excited and inspired by this journey we’ve chosen: to be the very best we can be.

These are just some of our Family Principles that make us different …

​​Trust, Respect, Openness and Honesty

These are the foundations upon which TTM has been built and they’re reflected in our beautiful, modern offices where there are no secrets, no agendas, and no ‘us and them’ – just one tribe.

It all works because there’s mutual respect, trust and unconditional belief – that’s how we show up for each other. So, when COVID changed our world, it wasn’t difficult to switch to home-working – we just knew we’d all get on with it and keep delivering the magic.

Realising Potential

This is the core of everything we do at TTM – built firmly on the belief that every single person has the potential to achieve, and if you’re in the right place, with the right support, engagement, training and career planning – nothing can stop you. The fact that 75% of our leaders have all been promoted internally says it all!

Our people feel valued because we invest in them. We work with each team member to make sure they have a clear progression path with a Personalised Learning Plan – so they always know what the next goal is, and these plans are constantly updated.

Know Yourself to Know Each Other

We believe that being great for one another takes really understanding your own needs, goals, triggers and challenges. So, from emotional intelligence training to communication development, we facilitate learning opportunities. Because we live our Family Principles every day, each of us gets to know ourselves better.

Every team leader has regular MyNow check-ins with their team members, to check in on their physical, psychological and emotional well-being, using a red, amber, green check-in system.

Our Walk in My Shoes initiative makes sure everyone understands the day-to-day realities of their colleagues. Each team member sits with their peers to gain insight into their role and goals – helping them understand the impact they have on other teams and the company overall. It’s a world away from traditional corporate recruitment companies.

Have Fun and Celebrate Success

We work hard, but we know how to have a lot of fun too. Whether it’s our monthly bingo sessions, sweet treats in the office, surprise ice creams or a massive office Jenga challenge – there’s always something happening, and no two days are the same.

We love to mark victories with our high performance clubs for those who achieve exceptional targets. Great results never go unsung – whether it’s bonus time-off or a special gift. And if there’s a big event in your personal life – from a promotion to a new baby, we’ll share the love!

We have an active Sports Club and Social Club – organising everything from rugby trips to BBQs and Tapas Thursdays. We have a Summer Party each year, pizza days and office Olympics. And remote working during COVID didn’t stop this – we just did what we do best and adapted!

H.A.V.E Positive Impact

TTM people are the kind of people who like to get involved and bring change. We have team members that are active in their local sports clubs, charities, voluntary organisations, business & retail excellence in their communities, and others who promote youth programmes.

To put our money where our mouth is, we give all team members up to 6 paid volunteering days per year to help them get out there and contribute to a charity of their choice. We also know that the little things add up – so we are now well on our way to becoming a paperless organisation, while each team member has their own forever water bottle and Keep Cup to keep plastic out.

And of course, ‘make better’ starts close to home – so we have our own Wellness and Diversity Committee. We host yoga, meditation, mindfulness and diversity events, and during COVID every team member’s work-from-home set-up was ergonomically assessed to world-class standards.

The bottom line is - people always comes first, and we love the differences each of us brings.

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Our Places

  • TTM Manchester

    Delphian House, 3rd Floor,

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  • TTM HQ, Ennis, Co. Clare

    Block 3, Ballymaley Business Park, Ballymaley, Ennis, Co Clare

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  • There’s a unique energy and passion about our Manchester home.

    Our spirit of ‘together’ is palpable throughout our Manchester offices. You can see this throughout the funky office space with break-out zones and communal areas where we meet up to share ideas, plan the day, kick-back and relax. It’s contemporary, bright and elegant while being intimate and welcoming. Our TTM Tribe in the UK are fun, vibrant, driven and dynamic and you can feel this throughout our Manchester home.

  • We’re really proud of our beautiful, funky, creative and innovative HQ in Ennis.

    We love welcoming people to our workspace for 150 staff in the west of Ireland. There's an energy and a culture that our TTM Tribe feels when they walk through these doors. Our HQ is packed full of quirky décor and a fabulous super-heroes theme: our symbol for ‘potential’. The open-plan office is full of spaces for our team to collaborate, innovate and deliver for our talent and partners. If ever a space could make the spirit of TTM come alive – this is it!

  • TTM Manchester

  • TTM HQ, Ennis, Co. Clare