Healthcare Assistants (HCA)

​Ask any of the Healthcare Assistants (HCA) we place and they will tell you – this is some of the most rewarding work you can do. Truly a career that combines both heart and skill, being a Healthcare Assistant requires a love for people and a desire to help and make a difference.

​TTM Healthcare offers exceptional career opportunities in this field – with Healthcare Assistant vacancies around the UK and Northern Ireland.

​Types of Roles Available

We offer exceptional career opportunities for Healthcare Assistants across a wide variety of social care settings. A Healthcare Assistant can work either on a one-to-one basis in a home setting, or in a large acute hospital or community hospital setting. Healthcare Assistant roles can include all aspect of personal care - dressing, serving meals and helping to feed patients,
helping people to move around, toileting, talking to patients and making them comfortable, monitoring conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight. In acute hospitals and community hospitals, they can also be responsible for sterilising equipment, doing health checks, taking blood samples and processing lab samples. Healthcare Assistants can also work in a Social Care setting, such as within organisations that focus on the homeless or individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, within this role, you would be referred to as a Support Worker.

​Permanent & Temporary Roles in the UK and Northern Ireland

At TTM Healthcare, we have an extensive team of consultants and team members, dedicated to the placing of Healthcare Assistants – either on a Temporary or Permanent basis. We are a National Provider to the NHS, and have supply relationships with many of the larger Private hospitals nationwide.


​We believe our success in this speciality area has grown because we take a very different approach:

We build relationships

We truly implement good, old-fashioned customer care, providing a level of service that is simply not found in this sector of the employment market. We approach what we do with a ‘small business mindset’ – so we focus on individuals, and never forget we are working with people’s lives and livelihoods.

We want the right outcomes

If you are not happy with the service we give you then nobody benefits. We want you to be working in the way that works for you, to be happy and fulfilled, and busy.

We don’t take it lightly

Our work in this area is all about reducing risk for the vulnerable members of our society. There are many aspects to this, and all of it has important requirements and outcomes: this always guides the way we work.  

We’re here before and after

We provide an incomparable level of after-sales service, offering feedback to candidates from customers, and vice versa. 

We appreciate you

As with all TTM Healthcare divisions, we make you feel part of our family: a team member who is appreciated and valued.    

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