Our Achievements


Ø  Screening programme wins purple star award - A service which provides screening for helping to detect Aortic Aneurysm’s in men has been recognised by Herts County Council for providing an outstanding service to people with learning difficulties.  The purple star award will be presented to the West Herts Hospital Trust’s Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) team.

Ø  Our Pharmacy departments new 'Workstation on Wheels' are delivering a massive reduction in the time it takes to dispense medicines to take home. It's been reduced from two hours to just 15 minutes.

Ø  Hip Fracture Team for won the Health Enterprise East Innovation Awards 2016. The team won the award for their project ‘Living in comfort, cherishing life’, which has "dramatically improved outcomes" for elderly patients following hip fracture surgery.

Ø  West Hertfordshire NHS Trust won ‘The Patient Safety Award’ at the Health Service Journal’s prestigious annual awards ceremony. The changes introduced by the Trust are recognised by the Royal College of Physicians. The project is known as the Hip Fracture Journey and it focuses on the 450 patients the Trust treats for hip fractures each year.