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The NMC Exams: Marianne's Story

With a new job waiting in the UK, Marianne, a nurse from the Philippines, is busy studying so she can start work as soon as possible. She just passed her CBT exam*, a big step in the right direction, and she was eager to share her experience and her advice with her fellow TTM Healthcare nurses.
This is Marianne’s story, in her own words, of her journey this far.

Story of my Journey

My desire to help my father who has been ill ever since I was born ignited my passion in our nursing profession. I see myself growing with each challenge that was thrown at me, and I know I can make a difference by just committing myself to accomplish every task with my eye focused on the goal. I was fortunate enough, like you, to be given this opportunity to work for an institution that has that same passion as me. And I hope that one day, I will be able to care not just for my parents, but also be able to touch many lives with the care that I give. 

How I did it

The most important thing for me is to initially recognize the series of tests that we need to overcome in order to obtain our goal. In acknowledging this, we should be able to handle our time, effort, and patience,
and to discipline ourselves in putting our topmost priority to those that can contribute to this.

Family and friends

I can also say that having your family and friends around would help you a lot in keeping yourself focused and grounded especially in getting through these tough times. My friends and review mates helped me during our group studies and would even cheer me up when times are hard. Always remember that no one is ever going to understand you, and what you are going through, except these people who are experiencing the same struggles as you do. 

Know your battleground

Be familiar with your exam and work your way through it by reading notes (read the code, the blueprints, and by brushing up on your basic nursing skills) and by constantly practicing these skills and knowledge needed for the tests. In my case, I have tried answering the practice exam in Pearson VUE once I was registered. In exposing yourself, you would know what strategy would best suit you and this would be of great advantage during your actual test.

Time is of the essence

In the CBT, you have 4 hours to answer 120 items. After the last item of the exam, you are given an option go back on those items which you are quite unsure (flagged items) so you can analyse and make sure that you have answered the question correctly. Make the most out of this time so you can be 100% sure of each and every answer you have provided before submitting.

Lastly, always pray and believe that we are here because we are meant to be where we are. All we need to do is to give our very best in order to achieve our dream.

The road to success 

The road to success really isn’t as smooth as you see it. You will struggle and face a lot of challenges, but at the same time, you will be growing as an individual. No matter how hard and impossible it may seem, you should have a relentless spirit and be determined to succeed. You CAN do it! :)

*The CBT (Computer Based Test) is the first of two part test of competence for nurses and midwives seeking registration in the UK. The test is administered by Pearson VUE and approved by the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).