Unlocking Potential: Kelly's Career Journey in Endoscopy

15 April 2024

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At TTM helping people unlock their potential and be the best version of themselves drives us, and it’s so rewarding to see our candidates advance and achieve in their careers. Like Kelly Flores – whose journey has taken her from the Philippines to a new life in London where she works as an Endoscopy Healthcare Assistant, growing and learning every day.

And it’s no surprise that Kelly was nominated TTM Hero for March 2024 – a testament to her hard work, commitment and passion. We caught up with a very busy Kelly to learn more about her working life in the UK.

Kelly grew up in the Philippines and completed her degree in Business Administration before earning a post-graduate qualification in special education. To gain experience and to travel, Kelly moved to the UK in 2008 and began her career working as an HCA with children and adults with autism and challenging behaviours. She enjoyed the work – finding it rewarding and interesting – but after several years she was ready to explore new HCA opportunities.

Making the Change

“I enjoyed the one-to-one nature of the work I’d been doing, but I discovered during COVID that I wanted to use my empathy and compassion to touch more lives and work with more people. And that’s how I moved to Endoscopy – and was lucky enough to start my training at a pioneering InHealth unit.”

Kelly started out working in the decontamination area of the Endoscopy unit – managing the preparation before procedures. But she wasn’t going to stop there…

“My managers could see that I was eager to work in the procedure room – that I had the energy and interest to learn and take on new challenges. I was fortunate enough to have such a wonderfully supportive team – a consultant and senior nurse who really believed in me and gave me the confidence to explore. I gained experience in giving injections and taking biopsies. My colleagues were so incredibly generous, willing to share their knowledge and skills for my benefit. I truly am proof that if you have the right attitude, and the people who believe in you – nothing can stop you.”

The next highpoint of Kelly’s journey came when she began working as an agency Endoscopy HCA with TTM – discovering the freedom and flexibility of being a Temporary worker.

“I had been doing weekend work and my personal life was suffering. My son was 14 years old and needed me on the weekends. I got in touch with TTM consultant Claudia Faraoni – and my life honestly changed from that moment! I discovered I could control my working life. Nowadays I get to work in a job that I love, with the hours that I want. I honestly have the best work/life balance.”

Every Day is Different

Today, Kelly works in different Endoscopy units in London which conduct colonoscopies, gastroscopies and flexible sigmoidoscopies. No two days are the same and Kelly works with different medical teams and with patients from diverse backgrounds who have various indications. Her day begins by preparing for the procedures that day – and she’s a stickler for making sure she has everything she needs to hand so she can work efficiently.

“I work with an Endoscopy consultant or surgeon, and a nurse – and teamwork is so important. I work with colleagues who have different preferences and approaches, so I need to be flexible to adapt. I also help the nurse a lot – settling in the patient, answering their questions, making sure they are at ease. Being super-observant is key. I work across all areas of the unit – reception, admission, procedure room, recovery and decontamination. And I never stop learning.”

What Makes a Good Endoscopy HCA?

Kelly believes that an Endoscopy HCA’s most important attribute is empathy and compassion. Patients arrive for their procedures worried and stressed, often with lots of questions – and she needs to manage this calmly and kindly. To deliver quality person-centred care and ensure each procedure goes smoothly, an Endoscopy Nurse needs good people-skills, the ability to work within a tight team, and be a good communicator.

TTM Value

Kelly cannot over-emphasise the support she receives from TTM as an agency HCA and the benefits she’s afforded:

“I feel so supported in my work and treated with respect. I know that my consultant Claudia is always there for me – at any time – and she’s always super-quick to respond. It’s amazing!”

The Culture Switch

Kelly admits coming to a new country with a new culture is hard in the beginning – but she urges anyone in this position to be brave, embrace the change, adjust and be adventurous. She does miss the sunny weather of back home but loves her London life and the diversity is brings. While she still misses home-cooking, she enjoys the wide range of food that can be enjoyed in London.

I would tell anyone who is thinking of this career path – follow your heart. You CAN grasp that which you deserve. I am the proof.”

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