Practical Tips To Support Your Mental Wellbeing

23 August 2022


Managing and supporting our mental health and wellbeing is a key component to how each of us can live and thrive in today’s modern world. At TTM Healthcare Solutions, ‘Wellness at Work’ is a big part of life for our #TTMTribe – so let’s get back to basics; we’re sharing some simple tips and advice on how to mind your mental wellbeing, to support your optimum health, happiness and general well-being.

Our Top Tips to support your mental wellbeing

Spend time outdoors

Getting some fresh air and spending time in nature helps boost your mood. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood. Studies show that levels of anxiety, stress, and others are reduced by being outdoors. When you are outside, the fresh air can help raise oxygen levels in your brain, which increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that alters your mood TTM’s Top Tip: Start your day with a 15-30 min walk outside, it will really set you up for the day in a positive mindset.


Try to find an activity that you enjoy, be it walking, running, playing football, going to a class in your local gym- whatever is sustainable for your lifestyle and works for you. There are so many advantages to exercising. It helps increase your overall health, builds your physical fitness and increases energy levels. It is also of huge benefit to improving your sleep patterns.

Good Diet

When we are very busy or stressed, we often reach for sugary, fast snack foods as a pick me up. Scientists report that nutrients such as Vitamin C, Magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the effects of stress on the body. Try to plan your meals in advance when you know you are going to be busy. And swap the junk food for fruits and vegetables. Check out the thousands of healthy recipes available online for inspiration. The BBC Good Foodsite is a great starting point.


Sleep is key to our physical and mental health. Our body needs proper sleep and rest to heal and renew the energy to function properly. There are many things you can do to improve your quality of sleep including exercise, reduce caffeine and stimulating activities before bed, e.g. being on your computer or phone. TTM’s Top Tip: Interested in finding out more about the power of sleep? Read ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker or watch his Ted Talk on Why Sleep is your Superpowerto find out how sleep can make us healthier, safer, smarter and more productive.


Starting a regular habit of meditation can help us to improve concentration, reduce stress & anxiety, alleviate depression and generally improve our mental wellbeing. Sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes, relax and focus on your breathing. When thoughts come into your head, just acknowledge them and allow them to pass through, and try to keep bringing your focus back to your breathing. Starting with just 5 mins and building up your practise will become a soothing way to help relieve stress and give you a little time out from your busy day.


Keep a journal and make notes of the situations that make you anxious. Where were you and who was involved? How did you feel? How did you respond? This way you’ll start to understand your stress and how you can avoid it.

Be organised

Mess and disorder can add lower your mood and cause anxiety. Clear the clutter to make tasks easier.

Do what you love

Whether its reading or exercising, a hobby or enjoying music - find what it is that makes you happy. Carve out time for you and do it often.


Sharing things with friends and family can help you through a tough time. Reaching out to talk to others and open up about what’s troubling you, is often the most powerful first step in getting help and reducing anxiety. Don’t be afraid to ask for support when you need it – whether it’s a friend, a co-worker or a professional.

… And breathe

Stop what you’re doing and rest for 10 minutes, take a few deep cleansing breaths- it will help you refocus and manage anxiety or stress build-up.

How TTM supports mental wellbeing

We have introduced our new rewards programme, Perks at Work which, apart from providing discounts and savings, offers special mental health and well-being benefits available through the Community Online Academy (COA). Members can participate in a community that’s focused on activeness and health, such as participating in live, instructor-led fitness classes.

We also run the MyNow – Mind Yourself initiative, which allows recruiters and Agency healthcare professionals to check in regularly on their physical, mental, emotional, social and financial well-being. Using a simple traffic light system they can keep a check on their work-life balance and peace of mind. At TTM, we ARE our people – and we’re here to support you in a happier, healthier way of life. Find out more about joining our #TTMTribe.