Beyond Employee Appreciation Day: Nurturing a year-round culture of recognition

01 March 2024

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As we take a day to appreciate employees everywhere, I’m always thrilled to have an additional reason to recognise our workforce – the many people who bring care and next-level commitment to improving the lives of others. This includes our healthcare talent at the frontline, together with our dedicated team behind the scenes who mobilise the skills, capacity, solutions and capability needed by our valued healthcare partners. When it comes to delivering outstanding care for patients – society’s sick and vulnerable - our employees are truly our greatest asset.

I’m thoughtful, too, that we think beyond a day. The real power, and our overriding goal as a leadership team, is to cultivate a year-round culture of recognition. By appreciating our healthcare heroes, we nurture thriving workplaces, fuel patient-centred care and ensure we live by our family principles. Ours is not easy work. Incredibly rewarding, yes, but also hands-on, involving, fast-paced…requiring a special kind of people who so often go above and beyond.

This outstanding commitment is why we chose to introduce TTM Heroes – our Appreciation Programme for healthcare candidates who give their all to make a positive difference to those around them. From those who’ve played such an active part in helping to reduce waiting lists, to those who’ve overcome personal challenges to train new nurses: these are ordinary individuals doing the extraordinary.

Our absolute commitment to realising the potential of our people is also reflected in the ways we upskill, promote and retain talent. 72% of our senior leadership team has come from within, having risen through the ranks. In 2023 we invested in 4,310 hours of training to support our workforce to be at its best. I’m also delighted that we’ve been able to promote 16 employees in the last year based on their flair, skill and dedication to the team.

In turn, I’m proud this approach has fuelled the ‘special energy’ we enjoy here in TTM, supporting our own recognition as a Deloitte Best Managed Company for the 12th year in a row. It’s one of the reasons we enjoy high rates of long service: 47% of our workforce have been with us for 3+ years, while 39% are on 5+ years.

So when it comes to nurturing a culture of appreciation, our track record tells me it’s about recognising those everyday acts of heroism. Taking time to value the brilliant people around us with meaningful steps that empower them to develop and progress based on their own career motivations. Yes, we have other benefits too – yoga and meditation sessions and healthy eating initiatives which support our people to feel well – but importantly, it all adds up to create a supportive environment in which every individual feels their potential is recognised and fulfilled.

To everyone reading this, happy Employee Appreciation Day. I see the deep care and commitment you bring and the capability this gives us as a powerful collective. I’m so very grateful for all you do.

Paula McDonnell
CEO of TTM Healthcare Solutions