Navigating Your First Week: A Guide to Success in Your New Healthcare Role

26 February 2024

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Are you starting a new job - or preparing for your first shift with a new employer? We have put together our top tips and advice to help you make that first day and first week - truly great, setting you up to go from strength to strength.

Plan your Arrival and Be There on Time

If you are going to a hospital or service that is new to you – chat with your TTM consultant about details that can make your first day go smoothly. Use Google Maps to check the traffic situation. Find out where you need to park and who to report to. Get to grips with the hospital layout by studying the map on its website. If you’re taking public transport plan your route carefully and check online for any changes. And most importantly – arrive on time or early. It’s the number one way to make a good impression.

Make Friends with your Nerves

You can calm those first day/first shift jitters by practising deep breaths when you feel yourself getting anxious. Focus on your breathing, drop your shoulders and stay mindful of the here and now. Plus - you will always have the support of those around you and your TTM consultant is there to help.

Do Your Homework

Make sure you are 100% familiar with the role you’re taking on and what is expected of you. Read and research all that you can about your new employer – its procedures and policies. If HR has given you on-boarding material –read it and make a note of any questions you have.

Connect with Your Manager

Don’t wait for your new manager to seek you out – reach out to them at an early stage. This shows that you are proactive and take initiative – and you’ll have the opportunity to further clarify what’s expected of you going forward.

Listen and Ask Questions

If you are given an induction to your new role – use it wisely to listen and learn. During the first couple of weeks focus on learning as much as you possibly can – so you start adding value right away. The more you know, the more confident you’ll start to feel, and the easier things will become. Whether it’s finding your way around the hospital or service, locating equipment or facilities, or being clear on a process or procedure – just ask – especially if you will be working in more than one setting.

Identify a Mentor

As soon as you can – find someone who you admire and from whom you can learn. As your mentor they will help you progress faster, securing you an advantage for future opportunities. Invite them for coffee, ask their advice, use them as a sounding board.

Set a Good Routine

As with most things in life, get into good habits from the start and you’ll stick to them. From making your journey to work, to preparing for each shift, focus on getting into a routine that works for you and ensures you are efficient.

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