Ward 21 - Milton Keynes

Ward 21

Ward 21 is divided into 2 separate areas and staff have the opportunity to work across both wards. Each area has its own distinctive specialty.
21a is a Ring -fenced Elective orthopaedic ward comprising of 13 beds
21b is an emergency surgical area, which takes patients directly from A+E, patients who come to the ward have a variety of surgical conditions. Gynaecology, Urology and general surgery are typical specialties admitted

There is extensive opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the care of patients from a wide range of surgical specialties.

As a ward we pride ourselves on:

Having an Orthopaedic Joint Replacement Rapid Recovery Programme.
Being a centre of reference for the Joint Rapid Recovery Programme.
Innovative in developing a patient journey App for patients and families.
Being a supportive learning environment for staff and students.
Inclusive Multidisciplinary working.
Enabling patients to return home with minimal delay through Nurse Led Discharge.
Working with our bereavement midwives in early pregnancy loss.

- Caroline Middleton, Senior Sister, Ward 21

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