Cost of living

Some people considering moving to the UK worry that living here might be more expensive than they are used to. However, healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and radiographers are in very high demand in the UK.  As a result, competitive salaries and generous benefit packages are on offer. Any healthcare professional should find the cost of living here very manageable.


Certain costs, such as rent, will vary in different parts of the UK. Accommodation costs will of course be higher in cities like London where demand is higher. To get an idea of the cost of renting or buying accommodation across the UK, visit a property website like You will be able to search through thousands of houses and apartments for sale or rent in different parts of the country.

Daily costs

According to Numbeo, the global online cost of living database, a loaf of fresh white bread will cost you £0.96 in the UK, while a litre of milk will be £0.90. Prices on Numeo update constantly based on user provided data. You can check the most up to prices of many goods and services from average monthly utility bills to a meal in McDonalds online here.