Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you need healthcare experience to work with the TTM Group?

Answer: No, some of our most successful recruiters had never worked in this area before joining TTM Healthcare. We will support you and help you to gain a thorough understanding of the business - the science behind the recruitment is the same, our science is just a little better than the competition’s!

Question: I am leaving a really hot desk! What does TTM Offer?

Answer: At TTM we are keen to attract the very best talent. When you join TTM you will have access to rapidly growing, highly profitable markets as well as leading systems and processes that will help take you on to the next level. Our superb remuneration packages and benefits will ensure you can earn even more. Talk to our Talent Acquisition Team to find out just what TTM could do for you.

Question: What kind of people are successful at TTM?

Answer: People who care!
People who are energetic - we move fast!
People who are ambitious: 50% of our management team started in entry level positions.

Question: I am interested in management roles. What does TTM have to offer me?

Answer: Whether you’re an experienced manager or looking to take your first steps into a leadership role, the TTM Group has a number of opportunities. Our training and development programmes have successfully supported the development of a wide range of managers in recruitment and other departments.