Live the London Dream with Nursing Jobs from TTM Healthcare

One in six people across the world wants to move to London for work. Are you one of them? TTM Healthcare have new nursing roles across London to make your dreams come true.

A survey of 200,000 people in 189 countries brought London in as the number one dream destination ahead of Paris, New York, Madrid and, well, everywhere else in the world.* 

With our great new nursing jobs available across London, we wondered what are the top three things that make London such a dream destination? 


1.    Career opportunities

Global companies and internationally renowned, world class healthcare providers offer job seekers thousands of opportunities in the UK capital. Our London based clients know that life in the city can be expensive so they offer generous salaries and great benefits to let you live it up in your new home. Check out our hottest London nursing jobs below. 


2.    All life can be found here 

Home to 8.674 million people with over 19 million foreign visitors a year, 300 different languages are spoken on the streets of London. You will never be bored in this vibrant, bubbling hub of humanity where diversity creates a patchwork of distinct neighbourhoods and a foodie dream of cuisine from all corners of the world.

3.    Everyone should visit London at least once in their lifetime

London comes second only to Bangkok in volume of foreign visitors in Mastercard’s Global Destinations Index 2016. What brings millions upon millions of visitors to London? The chance to visit the Queen. Hail a black cab. Ask Big Ben for the time. Tourists can…

  • Shop in Harrods, Covent Garden and the market on Portobello Road 
  • Catch a musical on the West End or Shakespeare in the Globe 
  • Rub shoulders with Dippy (the dinosaur!) in the Natural History Museum
  • Explore the Tower of London. The Tate. And Westminister Abbey. 
  • Ride the London Eye or wax lyrical about Madame Tussauds 

If one visit can capture all this, imagine what an adventure living here would be! 

Make the Dream Come True with Nursing Jobs from TTM Healthcare

TTM Healthcare, the UK's leading nurse recruitment company, can offer you hundreds of career opportunities across London. From Theatre Manager to Ear, Nose & Throat Nurse, and Radiology Nurse to Team Leader, take a minute to view our hottest nursing jobs. There's something for all grades and specialities- check it out!

*Survey by The Bston Consulting Group and

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