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Trusts Taking the Lead on Solving Staffing Issues


The shape of the workforce is shifting. By now, any healthcare professional is well aware of the myriad challenges faced by the NHS and its employees across the UK, as new findings and problems surface with each day that passes: the EU nursing shortage; public sector pay caps; poor workforce planning; UK nurses and midwives abandoning their roles, the list goes on. In Leeds, a number of trusts and CGCs are joining forces to take a proactive step towards addressing their own short-term vacancies.


A Five Year Plan

Currently in the early stages of development, their joint project involves a five-year plan to attract and retain nurses across the county, and proposes nurses working together across multiple providers in the future. Set up 18 months ago to explore solutions to the ongoing nursing shortage, the group includes the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, Leeds & York Partnership Foundation Trust, along with three CGCs.

Proposed collaborations would include community nurses integrated with practice nurses to support care closer to home, and mental health working with the acute trust. “We are trying to reduce the number of unnecessary admissions to hospital and ensure safer and faster discharge – that might mean nurses starting to work in different environments.”


Flexibility As the Way Forward

Also under consideration are proposals for staff to work flexibly across organisational boundaries. Claire Linley, Lead Nursing Officer at the three CGCs said: “There will be issues in terms of governance to look at and we are still working our way through those, and will do so to a greater extent as the direction of travel becomes clear.”

With collective research clearly demonstrating that healthcare professionals are opting for roles which will provide a greater work-life balance, flexibility ought to be a key factor in future workforce planning. A recent report by the Nuffield Trust entitled Reshaping the Workforce has emphasised the need for new and extended roles in the NHS and calls on “active support from national bodies for managers to shape their workforce in a way which enable[s] optimal delivery of care in a changing and challenging environment.”

This collaborative initiative by the Leeds Trusts is encouraging – a proactive approach to dealing with our ongoing short-term nursing gap, which should serve to inspire healthcare trusts across the UK.


Solutions that Work

As the nursing shortage persists, TTM Healthcare is committed to partnering with trusts to provide short and long-term staffing solutions. We offer trusts the ability to source from local, pan-European and global talent pools to ensure they continue to have access to highly qualified healthcare professionals.   Contact us for further information on how we can help you now.



Evelyn Moriarty, Content Specialist

Evelyn Moriarty is a Content Specialist at TTM Healthcare, based in at our Irish headquarters. Joining the company in 2016, Evelyn specialises in both on and offline content creation for the health and social care market.

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