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The Move to Community-Based Care: Is Ireland Ready?

The population is living longer, enabled in part by advancements in medical and health technology. The average age expectancy in Ireland is now 81 years, compared to 100 years ago when people lived until just their early 50’s. However, not all people living into their 80’s enjoy good health, with many living with co-morbidities and … Read More

Trusts Taking the Lead on Solving Staffing Issues

The shape of the workforce is shifting. By now, any healthcare professional is well aware of the myriad challenges faced by the NHS and its employees across the UK, as new findings and problems surface with each day that passes: the EU nursing shortage; public sector pay caps; poor workforce planning; UK nurses and midwives … Read More

A Career in Healthcare: 5 Reasons Why

At TTM Healthcare, our mission is to place skilled, passionate professionals into the top healthcare roles in Ireland. If you’re considering a career in the health or social care fields, we’ve got five compelling reasons why you should choose this life-path. A booming industry The healthcare industry is experiencing a boom in nursing, medical and … Read More

23,000 nurse vacancies across the UK – Where have all the nurses gone?

Video via BBC Politics- watch here. The UK is in the middle of a significant nurse shortage and according to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), this shortfall is only set to increase as many nurses are choosing to leave their profession due to low pay and stressful conditions. Can this challenge be boiled down … Read More

The Cavendish Coalition – What it means for the UK’s EU Healthcare Workers

Since the ‘Brexit’ referendum, there has been great debate, and indeed concern, surrounding EU workers and their future in the UK. TTM Healthcare was therefore delighted when in late September, a group of 29 health and social care experts in the UK formed the ‘Cavendish Coalition’, with the aim of ensuring sustained workforce supply and … Read More

‘Brexit’ – Working with Change

In light of the recent referendum which saw Britain vote to leave the European Union, we wanted to get in touch to reassure you that TTM Healthcare are here for you, as always. We don’t foresee any changes in the short or medium term – after all, negotiations won’t commence until at least October, and … Read More

MAC Recommend Nurses Remain on Shortage Occupation List

Over the past number of months, TTM Healthcare has been working tirelessly to campaign on behalf of our clients and candidates to keep nurses on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). We have been involved in lobbying the government, liaising with the MAC and have voiced the concerns of the people at the heart of it all … Read More

Employers: keep nurses on the Shortage Occupation List

We need your input, as a healthcare employer, to keep nurses on the Shortage Occupation List. On Friday 5th February, TTM Healthcare will meet with the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). This meeting comes at a crucial time: just 10 days before the MAC presents its recommendations on overseas nurse recruitment to the Department of Health … Read More

Nurses speak: proposed NMC language assessments and life in the UK

What is life like for overseas nurses working in the UK? How do international nurses interested in opportunities here feel about the proposed new NMC language assessment? As employers and policy makers discuss proposed changes affecting overseas nursing professionals coming to the UK, we asked the nurses themselves to share their stories and their views. … Read More

The Battle for Irish nurses: efforts to retain staff stepped up on both sides of the Irish Sea

“In the hunt for talent, nurses are the new software developers.” The HSE, Ireland’s national public healthcare employer, wants to bring 500 of the Irish Nurses currently working in the UK home. In response, the NHS is upping its efforts to retain these staff. Brian Crowley, CEO of TTM Healthcare, joined Mary Wilson and Brian … Read More