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A Career in Healthcare: 5 Reasons Why

At TTM Healthcare, our mission is to place skilled, passionate professionals into the top healthcare roles in Ireland. If you’re considering a career in the health or social care fields, we’ve got five compelling reasons why you should choose this life-path. A booming industry The healthcare industry is experiencing a boom in nursing, medical and … Read More

Doctoring your CV: preparing a medical resume

A good CV is as important as your clinical experience. A strong CV can be the ticket to the opportunity you have been waiting for. Prepared poorly, a CV can be the obstacle between you and the post of your dreams. You have spent years studying and perfecting your medical knowledge; spend at least a … Read More

From Iraq to a medical and family life in Sligo: one doctor’s journey

“I was asked to work in Ireland for one year. TTM prepared everything for me, and I was told there was a job in Sligo for me. I looked up Sligo on Google Earth and I really liked it.” 14 months later and Dr Sabah Ketan Aldarraji is settled in the west of Ireland. His … Read More

Medical migration: July rotation time

The great migration of the Irish medical system is underway. Ireland’s public hospitals undertake a mass movement of doctors on a biannual basis, each January and July. Under the rotation system, a percentage of Non Consultant Hospital Doctors- primarily at Senior House Officer (SHO) level-move position every six months. At Registrar and Specialist grades, 12 … Read More