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British Nurses & Midwives Abandoning Their Professions for the First Time

Newly published figures from a Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) Survey are indicating that the primary reason for the current nursing shortage is not, in fact, the drop in EU registrants, but rather the increase in the number of British nurses and midwives leaving their profession. For the first time in recent memory, more nurses … Read More

Overseas Nurses: A Necessary Band-Aid on a Wound Unable to Heal

The nursing profession can’t seem to catch a break. With the strictest IELTS entry requirements in the world; a public sector pay freeze; continually difficult working conditions, and the fall-out from Brexit all bearing down on them, it comes as no surprise that newly published figures from the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) reveal that, … Read More

The Millennial Job-Hopper: Myth or Modern Phenomenon?

Do Millennials deserve the reputation they have as flighty job-hoppers, bouncing from one opportunity to another? Do they display unique traits compared to generations before them? What are the values that motivate them? And what do companies need to do to both attract and retain young healthcare professionals? We take a closer look. A new … Read More

Right to Remain: Can EU Healthcare Professionals Breathe a Sigh of Relief?

Three million EU nationals living in the UK woke last week to what appears to be good news with the first wave of updates from the opening salvo of the Brexit negotiations in Brussels: after a long year of speculation around their status, Theresa May has announced that they will now be offered full residency … Read More

Queen’s Speech 2017: Five Things You Need to Know

Healthcare professionals have been understandably vocal in the aftermath of this year’s disappointing Queen’s speech, as Conservative Party manifesto pledges across a number of sectors were not delivered upon.  As the Queen set out the government’s legislative programme for the next two years, it became clear that a number of the commitments made by both … Read More

Cross-border healthcare services: What can we expect post-Brexit?

As Brexit Secretary, David Davis, enters the first official round of Brexit negotiations, he has succeeded in keeping the Northern Irish border a priority on the agenda. He aims to prevent the return of checkpoints between Northern Ireland and the Republic – a measure which would directly impact existing bilateral healthcare services, and stem the … Read More

Driving Improvement: Cultural Change at Eight NHS Trusts

The Care Quality Commission recently published a report examining how eight trusts have improved their CQC rating, by 1 – 2 points, by simply focusing on three core areas: Fostering an open, inclusive culture Unlocking staff potential Establishing strong leadership teams The results achieved have prompted the CQC to recommend that these trusts be rewarded … Read More

23,000 nurse vacancies across the UK – Where have all the nurses gone?

Video via BBC Politics- watch here. The UK is in the middle of a significant nurse shortage and according to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), this shortfall is only set to increase as many nurses are choosing to leave their profession due to low pay and stressful conditions. Can this challenge be boiled down … Read More

EU Nurse Registrations Drop by 96%: Is Brexit Really to Blame?

There has been a flurry of media attention in recent days around the stark decline in the numbers of EU nurses registering in the UK. Falling further from last month’s 90% mark, these figures confirm that we are now reaching the lowest point of this concerning trend which began to emerge last June. More than … Read More

In Defence of HR Managers: How to Write an Outstanding Cover Letter

Spare a thought for HR managers everywhere – those heroes with the unenviable task of sifting through hundreds of job applications each week on the hunt for stellar candidates! Not an easy task when the majority of cover letters tend to be coma-inducing variations of each other – that’s right, we said it. With the … Read More