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Irish Healthcare Professionals Returning Home: What Can They Expect?


Since the global recession took hold in 2008, an entire generation of young workers have been leaving Ireland in a steady stream for better opportunities right across the globe…until now. 2016 marked the first year since then that the number of Irish people returning from abroad outnumbered those leaving. But with a global shortage of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, what awaits those returning to our shores? What supports are being put in place for them? TTM Healthcare is working to ease the transition home for thousands returning to work in healthcare roles.


The call home

The majority of young people who left Ireland nearly ten years ago are now in their thirties, a time when, for many, priorities change. Buying a home, having a family and raising them in their own culture, etc. become more important to young people. With Ireland slowly climbing its way out of austerity, there are now more jobs available; property prices have reached their lowest point (and are now starting to rise again); and general quality of life has started to improve again. So, it would seem that there are indeed new opportunities for the diaspora to move home and start the next chapter in their lives. Companies in the private healthcare sector are now scouting overseas to attract talent back home, with many reaching out to former employees. The concept of alumni programmes has been around for many years, and the private sector recognises this as an effective means of growing its own talent pool.


Not without challenges

Moving back still remains unattractive for many, however, with various hurdles to be faced. The government’s Global Irish Diaspora Policy 2015 acknowledges these as “recognition of qualifications, recognition of driving licenses, lack of affordable housing and job opportunities”, and commits to “work[ing] with other departments and agencies to minimise the difficulties that these challenges present.” Minister of State for the Diaspora, Joe McHugh stated that while many of these issues are complex and not limited to Irish emigrants, the government is determined to address them. Last year’s #HomeToWork campaign, targeting diaspora returning home for Christmas, received some engagement but not enough, and the government recognises the need to build on this. Minister for Health, Simon Harris acknowledged earlier this year that “many nurses want to come home, they want to come home for family reasons, for community reasons, they want to be back home with parents and families.”


Attracting Talent Home

TTM Healthcare recognises the invaluable work experience and skills earned abroad by young Irish healthcare professionals, and strives to ensure the best conditions, academic incentives and pay rates for those returning to roles here in Ireland. With the acute nursing shortage continuing to challenge our healthcare service, we understand the need to offer nursing candidates an easy relocation and job offer process for those keen to move home:

  • Relocation packages ranging from €1500 to €1800
  • Salaries ranging from €28,483 to €44,800
  • Permanent, full-time contracts (39 hour weeks)
  • 24 days’ annual leave, in addition to public holidays
  • Competitive pension packages
  • Career development
  • Immediate job offers

The good news is that it’s currently a candidate’s market with highly skilled healthcare professionals having their pick of the best roles in the country.


Moving back to Ireland?

If you’re not sure about moving back home and are unclear about what opportunities are available to you, our recruitment teams are waiting to guide you through the process. Contact us today to discuss your options with us. We’ve got the hottest healthcare jobs in Ireland waiting to be filled!



Evelyn Moriarty, Content Specialist

Evelyn Moriarty is a Content Specialist at TTM Healthcare, based in at our Irish headquarters. Joining the company in 2016, Evelyn specialises in both on and offline content creation for the health and social care market.

Company Bio

TTM Healthcare is a specialist health and care recruitment company established by Brian Crowley in Ennis, Co. Clare in 2002.  Now recruiting highly skilled medical professionals from all over the world, TTM has offices in Ennis, Dublin and the UK. Selected as Ireland’s No 1 Healthcare Agency by the National Recruitment Federation, TTM is also the UK’s Recruiter Awards Public Sector Agency (2016) and Professional Services Agency of the Year (2016 & 2017), as well as a Gold Standard Deloitte Best Managed Company (2016 & 2017.)


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