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A Career in Healthcare: 5 Reasons Why


At TTM Healthcare, our mission is to place skilled, passionate professionals into the top healthcare roles in Ireland. If you’re considering a career in the health or social care fields, we’ve got five compelling reasons why you should choose this life-path.

A booming industry

The healthcare industry is experiencing a boom in nursing, medical and the life sciences. This is not just in Ireland, but across the world, as we are faced with an ageing population in need of ongoing medical treatments, and a burgeoning community care sector.  With the number of senior citizens expected to increase by 8% from 559 million in 2015 to 604 million in 2020[1], healthcare providers will be on the hunt for top talent to fill the roles that are coming down the tracks.

Changing lives

There are few professions as rewarding as those in the health and social care fields. Often the daily challenges that are faced by healthcare workers eclipse the reasons why they do what they do. Most people who take up careers as doctors, nurses, or care assistants do so because of a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Professionals in these roles can derive great job satisfaction through caring for and administrating to patients during some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Competitive wages

Most healthcare roles are highly paid and most fields across the healthcare industry are experiencing fantastic growth. Healthcare professionals also enjoy benefits which are harder to come by in other industries, such as health insurance, pension schemes, paid holidays, and retirement benefits. The healthcare professions offer a secure and certain future.

Opportunities for flexibility

With many healthcare positions involving shift work, healthcare workers are not restricted by the daily 9 to 5 schedule that most employees have to adhere to. Most employers are now implementing ways of enabling their employees to achieve a greater work-life balance, including public sector employers. In addition, with acute roles adapting to work cross-functionally in community settings, employees can enjoy a more diverse range of duties and responsibilities.

Influence an industry

Ireland’s med-tech industry is at the forefront of innovation and the highest employer in Europe per capita, with 18 of the world’s top 25 med-tech companies based here. Creating pioneering solutions that put patient care first, these organisations are driving change within the Irish healthcare system, steering it back onto a sustainable path. This industry offers some of the most exciting job opportunities at the leading edge of Irish healthcare.

Pick our brains

If we’ve managed to convince you to take a professional leap into healthcare, we want to hear from you! Our recruitment teams are experts in their fields, placing hundreds of candidates a week into roles all around the country, and can advise on everything from qualifications to training to registering with professional healthcare bodies.

Contact us today for advice on your career path!

[1] Deloitte, 2017 Global Healthcare Sector Outlook


Evelyn Moriarty, Content Specialist

Evelyn Moriarty is a Content Specialist at TTM Healthcare, based in at our Irish headquarters. Joining the company in 2016, Evelyn specialises in both on and offline content creation for the health and social care market.

Company Bio

TTM Healthcare is a specialist health and care recruitment company established by Brian Crowley in Ennis, Co. Clare in 2002.  Now recruiting highly skilled medical professionals from all over the world, TTM has offices in Ennis, Dublin and the UK. Selected as Ireland’s No 1 Healthcare Agency by the National Recruitment Federation, TTM is also the UK’s Recruiter Awards Public Sector Agency (2016) and Professional Services Agency of the Year (2016 & 2017), as well as a Gold Standard Deloitte Best Managed Company (2016 & 2017.)


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