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Platinum Pass in HealthTrust Europe TWS Nursing Audit

TTM Healthcare achieved a Platinum Pass with a 99% pass rate in a HealthTrust Europe TWS Nursing Audit this month (November 2018). HealthTrust Europe is a multi-disciplinary framework which enables us to provide temporary staff to various NHS trusts in the UK. On an annual basis HealthTrust Europe, and their chosen auditors Neuven, audit a percentage … Read More

Our Responsibility | ISPCC

We were delighted to present a cheque to the ISPCC for €10,348.78 recently. Thank you to our team for their efforts in making this happen! Fundraising events included our annual Tenner Challenge; where each of our teams are given €10 or £10 as a starting point to develop creative fundraising events. For the ISPCC our … Read More

TTM Healthcare’s new Manchester office opened by Minister Heather Humphreys T.D.

TTM Healthcare are delighted to announce the addition of a new Manchester office to our network of UK offices, which was officially opened by Minister Heather Humphreys T.D. on the 20th of April 2018. This new office forms part of our three year multi-million-euro capital investment to deliver on our ambition to become the largest … Read More

RI Awards 2017 – Specialist Recruitment Company of the Year

TTM Healthcare are delighted to have picked up the award for the UK’s Specialist Recruitment Company of the Year at the 2017 Recruitment International Awards in London. The award was announced at a gala awards ceremony in London where the UK’s leading recruitment professionals gathered. This accolade recognises TTM’s award winning service to our clients … Read More

TTM teams raise close to €4K for our charity of the year!

The TTM family were thrilled to present local children charity, The Clare Crusaders, with our fundraising cheque of close to €4,000 at our Ennis HQ earlier this week! We chose this fantastic local organisation as our Charity of the Year in recognition of the essential services it provides to young children with autism and cerebral palsy. … Read More

5 Essential Qualities of an Elderly Care Nurse

The social care landscape is changing: the future of elderly care will now be in people’s own homes and, with that, comes a growing need for homecare nurses. Too often, a negative attitude of elderly care nursing prevails – that it can be a landing spot for less qualified nurses. However, this profession is one … Read More

Mental Health Nursing in Ireland: What Does the Future Hold?

Psychiatric nursing is a vocation: a demanding but highly rewarding role that offers care and solace to the most vulnerable and distressed people in society. The path of a psychiatrist nurse can be a challenging one, and only the most dedicated and highly skilled professionals are well-suited to it. Currently undergoing much needed reforms, the … Read More

Time for a CV Overhaul: 10 Tips From TTM

When’s the last time you took a long, hard look at the state of your CV? Most of us generally only dig it out at the last minute on the verge of an application deadline for a new job, leaving us little or no time to give it a thorough overhaul. Whether or not you’re … Read More

Irish Healthcare Professionals Returning Home: What Can They Expect?

Since the global recession took hold in 2008, an entire generation of young workers have been leaving Ireland in a steady stream for better opportunities right across the globe…until now. 2016 marked the first year since then that the number of Irish people returning from abroad outnumbered those leaving. But with a global shortage of … Read More

The Move to Community-Based Care: Is Ireland Ready?

The population is living longer, enabled in part by advancements in medical and health technology. The average age expectancy in Ireland is now 81 years, compared to 100 years ago when people lived until just their early 50’s. However, not all people living into their 80’s enjoy good health, with many living with co-morbidities and … Read More