Life in the UK: Mobile Telephones

When you move to the UK, you may want to consider changing your mobile phone provider. If you stay with a provider from your home country you will be charged high, international ‘roaming’ rates especially for data usage.

There are four main networks, or companies, providing mobile phone services in the UK:

There are also a variety of ‘virtual’ providers including Virgin

Will my current mobile phone work on a UK Network?

In Britain, mobile phones operate on a GSM network. If you are coming from Europe, your current mobile will probably work in the UK. This means that, if your phone isn’t ‘locked’, you only have to buy a new SIM card to join a UK network.

If you are coming from Asia or North America, you probably have a CDMA phone. This will not work in the UK and you will need to purchase a new mobile phone. Visit a large retailer like Carphone Warehouse and you may get a good deal on a new phone.