Health & Wellbeing 


Employee assistance helpline

Our employer assistance programme gives our staff access to a wide range of information and advisory services including a legal team, financial team, counsellors, general advisors and a website with wellbeing advice and tips. This service is free to our staff and their immediate family and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Health and wellbeing days

Our staff benefit from regular health and wellbeing days which include massage and relaxation treatments, sessions on improving work-life topics, and lunchtime talks on a range of topics chosen by staff.

Cycle to work

At Watford Hospital, we have dedicated cycle hubs with a shower, bike storage 'pods', a repair stand and bike pump.

Occupational Health

The health and wellbeing of our employees is important to us and we take steps to ensure that the work activities and environment at WHHT promote good physical and mental health.

Evidence shows that work, health and wellbeing are inter-related, so it's important to keep our employees healthy and happy. The Occupational Health Department, in partnership with managers, specialists and employees, reviews the relationship between work and health and provides advice to stakeholders.

Our purpose is to:
Protect employees and others involved in the work of the Trust from work-related health hazards.
Reduce the incidence of illness and injury at work.
Ensure a good fit between the employees and the roles they perform so they can achieve their full potential.
Maximise opportunities for individuals to access, retain or return to work in the Trust.
Develop and deliver health and wellbeing programmes for employees.
Raise awareness of health and wellbeing initiatives and opportunities within the Trust
Determine employees’ fitness for their role, ensuring that they are able to carry out their role effectively, minimising risk to themselves or others.