Business Support

At TTM, we appreciate that every organisation, in so many ways, can only be as good as the professionals who keep the administrative engine going.

We understand that there are times when hospitals and clinics need extra cover and additional staff to manage workload – so we’re here to provide. From people at the front-line who head-up patient services to administrators who look after the essential administrative duties of any hospital or clinic, over the years we have developed an extensive database of office professionals:
skilled and experienced people who can offer maternity cover, step in to handle new projects or provide additional support during busy periods.

Types of Roles Available

Office professionals

From receptionists to patient administrators – we help keep hospitals and clinics all around the UK, running smoothly and efficiently. And for candidates – we can ensure you have a flow of regular work, with the flexibility you want.


As is TTM’s policy, we payroll any staff we provide, completely. This simplifies the administrative process for both client and candidate, saving time and effort. We provide a suite of professional services – but no matter the role, we will always take time to understand both our clients’ and our candidates’ needs and priorities. So we can be sure to put the right people, in the right place – for the right results.

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